Toyota Lemon Law Information

Toyota has been an automotive leader in selling and leasing vehicles for many many years. However not all Toyota consumers get good-quality, reliable or safe vehicles. Every year, thousands of Toyota vehicles sold in the United States are lemons. It is important to be aware of your lemon law rights and get the compensation you deserve if, by chance, you get stuck with a Toyota that is a lemon. If you suspect you are driving a Toyota lemon, you should call the Lemon Law Experts. Our team will provide you with a no-obligation lemon law case evaluation.

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Are You Driving a Lemon Toyota?

Every state provides its consumer with protection pursuant to the lemon laws. It is important to know that we have federal lemon laws in addition to the state lemon laws. If you purchased or leased a vehicle that has been repeatedly repaired during the manufacturer warranty, it is possible that you are driving a lemon and that you are entitled to compensation under the state and federal lemon laws.

Did you know that:

  • Over 100,000 vehicles sold each year are lemons
  • The lemon laws cover new and used vehicles
  • The lemon law cover purchased and leased vehicles

If you have provided the manufacturer a reasonable opportunity to repair your vehicle during the warranty period, it is possible that your car is a lemon and that you are entitled to refund, replacement vehicle or cash compensation plus the payment of your reasonable attorneys fees and costs.

Common Defects with Toyota Vehicles

The Lemon Law Experts have helped many consumers with their defective Toyota vehicles. The more common issues have been with the Toyota Camry, RAV4, Corolla, Echo, Prius, Sienna, Tacoma and Tundra. Our firm handles all types of Toyota lemon law claims including some of the more common issues outlined below:

  • Oil leak
  • Illumination of the check engine light
  • Engine failing to crank
  • Rough idle in drive
  • Engine knock
  • Unintended acceleration
  • Engine shakes when cooling fan comes on
  • Jerking upon gear change and acceleration
  • Downshifting hesitation
  • Hard downshift

Toyota is under a duty to attempt to repair your vehicle for warranty related issues during the warranty period. You are entitled to take your car to an authorized Toyota dealership for a repair attempt. If Toyota cannot fix the problem(s) within a reasonable number of repair attempts, you may have a lemon and be entitled to compensation including a refund, replacement vehicle or cash compensation.

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The Lemon Law Experts have helped thousands of lemon law consumers with their problem cars, trucks, SUVs, trailers, motorcycles and more. If you are driving a Toyota that has been repeatedly repaired for any number of issues, you should contact the Lemon Law Experts today for a case evaluation. Our attorneys have a superb success rate and have recovered millions for our lemon law clients. Take action today and call the Lemon Law Experts for a lemon law case evaluation. You can reach us at (206) 566-7720.