BMW Lemon Law Information

When you purchase or lease a BMW, the manufacturer or its representative is responsible for upholding any express warranties it made. If you wind up with a lemon and the manufacturer won’t repurchase, replace or compensate you, you will want to speak to a Lemon Law attorney about your legal options. For a consultation with a law firm that specializes in California Lemon Law cases, contact the Lemon Law Experts at 877-969-2809.

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Fiat and the Lemon Law

Even though this is an Italian made car, it is still protected under both your state and the federal lemon laws. The lemon law protects your Fiat whether you purchased or leased it. In order for your vehicle to be covered under the lemon law there needs to be multiple repairs for the same issue or problem, and that issue needs to substantially impair the safety, use or value of your Fiat.

Determining substantial impairment to the safety, use or value of your vehicle often times requires the help of an experienced lemon law attorney, simply because what is substantial to the consumer may not always be substantial to the manufacturer. This difference of opinion is becoming clearer when dealing with electrical issues and items such as navigation, Bluetooth, and backup cameras. This is where the help of an experienced lemon law attorney can outline to the manufacturer how and why this is substantially impairing your safety, use and value of your Fiat.

Is my Fiat a Lemon?

While each lemon law claim is unique, successful lemon law claims have been brought for the following Fiat models- Fiat 500, Fiat 500c, Fiat 500e, Fiat 500L, Fiat Linea, Fiat Punto, and the Fiat Uno. The issues with these Fiats included:

  • Check engine light illuminating
  • Noise when turning
  • Engine stopping while driving
  • Pressure plate failing
  • Vehicle not shifting smoothly
  • Vehicle overheating in traffic
  • Clutch failing

If your Fiat has been subject to multiple repair attempts for the same issue or problem, it is possible that your Fiat could in fact be a lemon.

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If your Italian Fiat has been in to the dealership for repairs, it is possible that you are in fact driving a Fiat lemon. The lemon law applies to your Fiat whether it is new or used and leased or purchased. To fully understand your lemon law rights contact an experienced lemon law attorney today for a case evaluation. There is no reason to delay in contacting the lemon law experts at Consumer Law Experts at (206) 566-7720 for a case evaluation. Protect your lemon law rights and contact a lemon law expert today about the issues you are having with your Fiat.